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Centenary of the Saeima

In 2022, the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia celebrates an important milestone: this year marks the centenary of the first convocation of the Saeima.

The 1st Saeima convened for its very first sitting on 7 November 1922 at 12:00. Along with the convening of the Parliament, the supreme law of the state – the Constitution (Satversme) – came into force to regulate the form of government and the principles of exercising public authority.

Now, the Saeima has already reached its 14th convocation, but the fundamental principles of the work and elections of the Parliament have remained unchanged through the years.

Let us celebrate the centenary of the Saeima by honouring and strengthening the Latvian tradition of parliamentary democracy.



Saeima centenary news

Winning works of the photo contest “Freedom. Independence. Democracy” exhibited at the Saeima (10.11.2022.)

On the Saeima centenary, Edvards Smiltēns calls to keep sight of the goal of building a free and democratic Latvia (07.11.2022.)

Winners of photo contest “Freedom. Independence. Democracy” announced (31.10.2022.)

Speaker Mūrniece: Freedom, independence, democracy — highest values at the foundation of our state (27.10.2022.)

Ināra Mūrniece unveils plaque at Saeima building dedicated to Parliament’s centenary (27.10.2022.)

Parliamentary centenary stamp and envelope celebrated in ceremony at Saeima (20.10.2022.)

'Freedom' lilacs planted in Independence Square to celebrate Saeima centenary (08.09.2022.)

Lilac variety “Freedom” dedicated to Saeima’s centenary (26.05.2022.)

Over one thousand visitors attend exhibition dedicated to the Parliament’s centenary on the Night of Museums (16.05.2022.)

The Night of Museums at the Saeima—a celebration of the Parliament’s centenary (09.05.2022.)

Exhibition "No Latvia Without Democracy" launched at the Saeima to mark the 150th anniversary of the long-serving Speaker of Parliament Pauls Kalniņš (03.03.2022.)

Speaker of the Saeima: the foundation of our statehood, laid a century ago, continues to strengthen Latvia (18.01.22.)

The 100th anniversary year of the Saeima begins with an opening ceremony (18.01.22.)

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