Cooperation with NGOs

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play an important role in the work of the Saeima. By evaluating legislative initiatives and submitting proposals, NGOs influence the decisions made by the Saeima. When considering issues, committees invite NGO representatives as experts.

Here you can find information about committee coordinators for cooperation with NGOs.

Since 30 March 2006, when the Saeima adopted a declaration on cooperation with NGOs, along with daily cooperation, it has now become a tradition to hold an annual forum of the Saeima and NGOs, during which the results of the previous cooperation are evaluated and further cooperation scenarios are defined.



Otrdien, 1.decembrī
09:00  Saeimas 2020. gada 23. novembra attālinātās ārkārtas sēdes turpinājums
10:30  Budžeta un finanšu (nodokļu) komisijas sēde
12:30  Saeimas Prezidija sēde
12:30  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas sēde
17:30  Saeimas 2020. gada 1. decembra pirmā attālinātā ārkārtas sēde