Archives of the Saeima

The Archive of the Saeima works as part of the Document Management Department of the Saeima Administration. The Archive holds paper, electronic, audio and video documents of the previous convocations of the Saeima intended for indefinite or long-term storage:

documents of the 5th Saeima (06.07.1993 – 06.11.1995),

documents of the 6th Saeima (07.11.1995 – 02.11.1998),

documents of the 7th Saeima (03.11.1998 – 04.11.2002),

documents of the 8th Saeima (05.11.2002 – 06.11.2006),

documents of the 9th Saeima (07.11.2006 – 02.11.2010),

documents of the 10th Saeima (02.11.2010. – 16.10.2011.),

documents of the 11th Saeima (17.10.2011. – 03.11.2014.),

documents of the 12th Saeima (04.11.2014. – 05.11.2018.).

The documents of the Supreme Council, as well as those of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saeima, part of the 7th Saeima documents, as well as part of the audio and video documents are stored in the National Archives of Latvia.

Documentary materials are available and can be used in accordance with the relevant regulatory enactments, including the Archive Law and the Saeima Presidium Decision of 17 July 2020 “On the Adoption of the List of Limited Access Information of the Saeima”.

The documentary materials held in the Archive may be accessed by submitting a written request addressed to the Saeima electronically or by post. It is possible to visit the Archive of the Saeima in person only by prior appointment, strictly observing the epidemiological requirements and precautions laid down in the Republic of Latvia. Contact information of the Saeima.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, we urge everyone to evaluate the necessity to visit the Saeima Archive in person, and act responsibly, strictly observing current epidemiological requirements and precautions. It is not allowed to visit the Archive in case of self-isolation or home quarantine requirement, or with any signs of respiratory disease, such as fever or cough. Visitors are required to wear a face mask, disinfect hands and maintain a 2 metre distance.

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