Open Door Day

During the Open Door Day, the Saeima invites you to the exhibition Saeima-100 dedicated to the centenary of the Parliament

Once a year, the Saeima invites everyone, especially young people, to an Open Door Day at the Parliament. Each year, visitors of the Open Door Day have a chance to view a different thematic exhibition created to mark the occasion, as well as take a tour of the main building of the Saeima. Young people can also find out more about the informative and educational events and projects organised by the Parliament.

An Open Door Day was held at the main building of the Saeima on Friday, 14 October, hosting nearly 1800 visitors. Guests were able to see the exhibition Saeima–100 dedicated to the centenary of the Parliament, as well as see the Plenary Chamber and other splendid rooms intended for representation purposes.

The highlight of the centenary exhibition were the chairs of the main building of the Saeima. Sophisticated furniture adorning the representation rooms of the Parliament, as well as functional office chairs are all witnesses of important events, present at decisive moments in the history of our country and in the day-to-day work of the Parliament. Visitors of the Parliament had the opportunity to see a special historic artefact—the original chair of the Presidium of the Saeima from the inter-war period.

Visitors of the Open Door Day were able to view the exhibition No Latvia Without Democracy dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Pauls Kalniņš, long‑term Speaker of the Saeima, and his life story. He was an ardent advocate and defender of the idea of democracy, served on the People's Council, co-drafted the Constitution as a member of the Constitutional Assembly, was a member of all the convocations of the inter-war Saeima, and was the Speaker of the first four convocations of the Saeima. From autumn 1944 until his death in 1945, Kalniņš also served as Acting President of the Republic of Latvia.

All visitors of the Open Door Day had a chance to send a special postcard dedicated to the centenary of the Latvian Parliament to any address in Latvia free-of-charge and take a picture at the photo corner. Visitors of the Saeima were also able to learn about the youth photo contest Freedom. Independence. Democracy organised by the Parliament to mark its centenary and in preparation for the Lāčplēsis Day.


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