Open Door Day

The Saeima welcomes all visitors, especially the youth, to the annual Open Door Day at the Parliament. Each year, the Open Door Day visitors have an opportunity to view exhibitions dedicated to specific topics as well as explore the main building of the Saeima. In addition, younger visitors can learn more about informative and educational events and projects organised by the Parliament.


Parliament Open Door Day attracts over 1300 visitors

On Friday, 29 September, the annual Open Door Day was held at the Saeima. This year's event was held to honour the centenary of the Saeima Rules of Procedure, allowing visitors to learn about the organisation of the legislature's work through the years. A total of 1300 enthusiasts, predominantly school groups from across Latvia, visited the Parliament during this event.

This year marks the centenary of the adoption of the Saeima Rules of Procedure—a law compiling the procedures and rules of parliamentary work. The Open Door Day visitors had the chance to view an exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the Saeima Rules of Procedure and learn why the person chairing the Saeima sittings uses a special tool for the task—the gavel. Visitors also had the opportunity to tour the parliament building, including the Plenary Chamber, where MPs meet every week, as well as the splendid rooms intended for representation purposes.

During their visit to the Saeima building, attendees received information about parliamentary projects for the youth, such as the photography competition “My Freedom Monument”, the Youth Parliament, and the school programme “Meet the Saeima”. All visitors could also send a special postcard to any address in Latvia free of charge, and take a picture at the photo corner.



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