Committees and subcommittees

The committees of the Saeima have an important role in the work of the Parliament. The committees work in a specific legislative field and prepare draft laws for consideration in the plenary sittings of the Saeima. They also carry out parliamentary scrutiny over the work of the government. Committees may have other tasks, for example, they verify whether public expenditures are justified, decide whether the Code of Ethics has been violated, or coordinate Latvia’s national positions on European Union issues.

The Saeima has standing committees as set forth by the Rules of Procedure. These committees are formed in each convocation of the Saeima. In addition, the Saeima may form ad hoc committees to undertake specific legislative assignments. In specific cases, the Saeima appoints a parliamentary investigative committee if at least one third of MPs request it.

If necessary, each committee may form up to two subcommittees.

The tasks of the committees

Committee formation

Committees of the 14th Saeima

Foreign Affairs Committee Composition  
     Baltic Affairs Subcommittee 
Budget and Finance (Taxation) Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     Shadow Economy Combatting Subcommittee  Composition  
Legal Affairs Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     Constitutional and Judicial Policy Subcommittee Composition  
     Criminal Justice and Sentencing Policy Subcommittee Composition  
Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     The Latgale Region Subcommittee  Composition  
     Media Policy Subcommittee Composition  
Education, Culture and Science Committee
Composition Fact sheet 
     Higher Education, Science and Human Capital Subcommittee  Composition  
     Sports Subcommittee 
Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     Comprehensive National Defence Subcommittee Composition  
     Internal Security Subcommittee  Composition  
Public Administration and Local Government Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     Administrative-territorial Reform Ex-post Evaluation Subcommittee Composition  
     Housing Subcommittee  Composition  
Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     Entrepreneurship Development Subcommittee  Composition  
     Environmental, Climate and Energy Subcommittee   Composition  
Social and Employment Matters Committee  Composition Fact sheet 
     Inequality Reduction Subcommittee Composition  
     Public Health Subcommittee Composition  
Mandate, Ethics and Submissions Committee
Composition Fact sheet 
Parliamentary Inquiry Committee
Composition Fact sheet 
Public Expenditure and Audit Committee
Composition Fact sheet 
National Security Committee Composition Fact sheet 
Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion Committee Composition  Fact sheet 
European Affairs Committee Composition Fact sheet 
Sustainable Development Committee Composition Fact sheet 
     Demography, Family, and Children Affairs Subcommittee  Composition  
     Innovation Ecosystem Development Subcommittee Composition  
Parliamentary Investigative Committee for strengthening State supervision over the assessment of the negative effect on the state finance and capital market system resulting from the financial sector “overhaul” and for investigating the circumstances of its potential leading to the insolvency of AS PNB Banka and to the forced liquidation of AS ABLV Bank and of the suspension of operations of Baltic International Bank SE Composition  
Otrdien, 5.martā
10:00  Juridiskās komisijas sēde
10:00  Izglītības, kultūras un zinātnes komisijas sēde
10:00  Aizsardzības, iekšlietu un korupcijas novēršanas komisijas sēde
10:00  Valsts pārvaldes un pašvaldības komisijas sēde
10:00  Tautsaimniecības, agrārās, vides un reģionālās politikas komisijas sēde
10:00  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas sēde
13:00  Aizsardzības, iekšlietu un korupcijas novēršanas komisijas Iekšējās drošības apakškomisijas sēde
13:00  Sociālo un darba lietu komisijas Sabiedrības veselības apakškomisijas sēde
14:00  Cilvēktiesību un sabiedrisko lietu komisijas Latgales apakškomisijas sēde