Please be responsible and follow the epidemiological safety requirements and preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The use of face masks at the Saeima is recommended, except in the cases specified in the legislative acts.

It is prohibited to visit the Saeima if you are in isolation or have respiratory infection symptoms, such as elevated body temperature or cough.

School programme “Meet the Saeima”

The educational school programme “Meet the Saeima” offers young people an opportunity to understand the everyday work of the parliament and to learn in an interactive manner how the legislative process influences their lives and how they can affect the work of the Saeima.

The programme aims at sparking young people’s interest in political processes in Latvia, encouraging them to follow these processes and get involved, as well as educating them about the Saeima, its structure, the legislative process, the work of MPs, democracy and civic participation.

For more information on the school programme “Meet the Saeima” in Latvian, visit: 

We offer a guided tour of the Saeima building to foreign guests and other visitors. More information: 

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