Edvards Smiltēns was Speaker of the Saeima until 20 September 2023.

Edvards Smiltēns


Edvards Smiltēns was born in Riga on 18 September 1984.

Received primary and secondary education at the Riga French Lycée. Studied at the University of Latvia and was awarded Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences in Law. Awarded Professional Master’s Degree in Law and Lawyer Qualification from the University of Latvia. Fluent in English and French.

Performed MP duties from 2010 to 2018 in three convocations of the Saeima (10th, 11th, and 12th Saeima).

Deputy Chair of a Saeima parliamentary group (2010-2017).

Worked in the Saeima European Affairs Committee and the Saeima Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee (2010-2018).

Worked as Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture (2011-2014), Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science (2014-2016), and Deputy Chair of the Riga City Council (2020-2022).

Performed the duties of the Vice-Chair of the Regional Development Council of the Riga planning region (2020-2022), as well as the Co-Chair of the Board of the Union of Riga and Pieriga Municipalities “RIGA METROPOLIS” (2021-2022).

Chair of the Board of the political party “Latvian Regional Alliance”, Co-Chair of the Board of the association of political parties “United List – Latvian Green Party, Latvian Regional Alliance, Liepāja Party”.

Awarded the high state award of the Republic of France—the Order of the Legion of Honour of the Cavalier rank—for his contribution to strengthening relations between Latvia and France

Married, raising a son.

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