14th Saeima Speaker's Headlines

Speaker of the Saeima: We will continue to do everything possible to facilitate Ukraine’s victory
“We stand by the people of Ukraine and we will continue to stand by them. Latvia will do everything in its power for a quicker victory for Ukraine!” Speaker of the Saeima Daiga Mieriņa said on Thursday, 22 February, at the extraordinary sitting of the Saeima dedicated to commemorating two years since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Speaker of the Saeima in Chernihiv: You can count on Latvia’s long-term help in rebuilding the region
During a visit to Ukraine, the Speaker of the Saeima Daiga Mieriņa accompanied by a delegation of parliamentarians visited the Chernihiv Oblast to meet local residents and get acquainted with the reconstruction works that are being carried out in this northern region of Ukraine using the funds allocated by the Latvian state. Latvia continues to provide targeted support for the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by the Russian invasion. This year our country has allocated 5.1 million euros to reconstruction of the region.
Speaker of the Saeima on 18 November: the spirit of Latvia alive and strong
“This day is the source of pride and respect for our country. On this festive day, we all recognise the spirit of Latvia, which is alive and strong like the everlasting oak tree that grows on our land. Let us honour this day, and may our country withstand every storm and preserve peace and prosperity for our people in the future”, stated Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, on Saturday, 18 November, at the ceremonial sitting of the Saeima in honour of the 105th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.
Speaker Daiga Mieriņa assures her Ukrainian counterpart Ruslan Stefanchuk of Latvia's unwavering support for Ukraine
"Ukraine can count on Latvia's unwavering support, including at the parliamentary level. We will continue to stand with Ukraine. The most important thing we can do now is to encourage your accession to both NATO and the European Union. We make all efforts to keep this issue high on the agenda because we consider Europe to be safer together with Ukraine," said Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, during a meeting with Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in Prague, the Czech capital, on Tuesday, 24 October.
Daiga Mieriņa in Prague: We must not show doubt in response to Russia’s aggression
“Russia’s atrocities have not crushed the bravery of Ukraine’s defenders. Likewise, we must not show doubt in response to Russia’s aggression. Russia will interpret our doubt as a chance. A chance to sooner or later break our courage and our resolve with threats and atrocities,” stated Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, on Tuesday, 24 October, addressing the participants of the Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform in the Czech capital Prague.
Speaker of the Saeima at event in support of the State of Israel: our hearts and minds are with you
On Thursday, 12 October, at an event held at the Jewish Community Centre to show solidarity with the State of Israel, Speaker of the Saeima Daiga Mieriņa addressed the attendees to express heartfelt support: "Our hearts and minds are with you at this time."
Speaker of the Saeima in Vilnius: Not a single day or minute to lose in our support for Ukraine
We must not lose a single day or even a minute in hesitation to support Ukraine. As people of the Baltic States, we understand this well, and we are the advocates convincing our allies to take similar action. We must also send the message to our people that we are unwavering and tireless, said Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, on Friday, 6 October, to her Lithuanian colleagues during a working visit to the country’s capital Vilnius.
Speaker of the Saeima Daiga Mieriņa in Tallinn: Estonian could be the second foreign language in our border region
We aim to fortify cooperation with our Baltic neighbours in the border areas. As Russian will no longer be taught in Latvian schools, in the future, Estonian could potentially replace it as the second foreign language in the northern border regions of the country, while Latvian could be integrated into the Estonian school curriculum. This would not only reinforce the position of our national languages against other foreign languages, but also address the shortage of foreign language teachers, as stated by Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, during her official visit to Tallinn, Estonia, on Tuesday, 3 October.
Speaker Mieriņa in Saldus: Baltic Unity Day is a testament to Latvian–Lithuanian unity
"It is a great pleasure for me to be in Saldus today and to celebrate the unity of the Baltic nations together with our Lithuanian friends, brothers, and sisters," said Daiga Mieriņa, Speaker of the Saeima, addressing the participants of the Baltic Unity Day ceremony in Saldus on Saturday, 23 September.
Daiga Mieriņa elected the Speaker of the Saeima
On Wednesday, 20 September, the 14th Saeima elected Daiga Mieriņa as the Speaker of the Saeima.
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