Press releases

Speaker of the Saeima: the foundation of our statehood, laid a century ago, continues to  strengthen Latvia
“This year, we will celebrate the events that formed the foundation of our statehood. This foundation was laid by our predecessors a century ago, and it continues to provide Latvia with strength, independence, and the capacity to grow,” said Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, in the opening event of the centenary year of the Saeima on Tuesday, 18 January.
Foreign Affairs Committee: the increasing presence of Russian armed forces near Ukraine’s borders is unacceptable
The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Saeima considers unacceptable the increasing presence of the armed forces of the Russian Federation near Ukraine's borders and in the occupied Crimean Peninsula since the beginning of 2021, as well as the increased militarisation of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov regions, according to the Statement of the Committee on the security situation in Europe, adopted on Tuesday, 11 January.
Saeima approves extending the state of emergency period to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19
On Tuesday, 11 January, the Saeima approved amendments to the Cabinet Order Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation that set out, inter alia, to extend the state of emergency until 28 February throughout the entire territory of Latvia.
Speaker Mūrniece to ambassadors of Latvia: there is currently a particular need for unity of the democratic world
“We have lived behind the Iron Curtain, isolated from the rest of Europe, and we are painfully aware of the need for unity of the democratic world in the situation caused by the current Russian regime. The democratic lifestyle, with all of its advantages, has demonstrated superiority, and protecting it is the interest of the entire Western world”, stated Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, on Tuesday, 11 January, while remotely attending the annual meeting of the heads of the diplomatic missions of Latvia.
More households to be eligible for allowance to cover housing expenses
During this heating season, more households will be eligible for receiving an allowance to cover housing expenses. This is stipulated by the amendments to the Law on the Suppression of Consequences of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection, approved in the final reading by the Saeima on Wednesday, 22 December.
Saeima supports the compensation of electricity system service costs
On Wednesday, 22 December, the Saeima supported in the final reading urgent amendments to the Law on Pollution that stipulate compensating 50% of electricity system costs to all users.
COVID-19 certificate to be accepted together with driver’s licence
Upon presentation of an interoperable COVID-19 certificate, it will also be possible to present a driver’s licence as well as a school card, student’s card, old-age retirement or early retirement pensioner’s card to establish the identity of the holder. This is outlined in the amendment, recognised as urgent, to the Law on the Management of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection, approved by the Saeima in the final reading on Thursday, 16 December.
Saeima adopts changes in regulation on adoption of children abroad
On Thursday, December 16, in the third reading, the Saeima supported amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Children’s Rights, which provide for changes in the regulation on the adoption of children abroad.
One-off support payment to overcome the COVID-19 crisis will also be paid to persons with alternative status
On Thursday, 16 December, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Law on the Suppression of Consequences of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection, which provide for one-off support payment to persons with alternative status as well.
Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the European Affairs Committee of the Saeima held a joint meeting on Wednesday, 15 December, to discuss current foreign policy issues. In the meeting, MPs discussed the annual report of the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the accomplishments and planned future activities in national foreign policy and European Union matters.
Sestdien, 22.janvārī