Pharmacists will also have the right to administer COVID 19 vaccines


On Thursday, 25 November, the Saeima adopted in the second and final reading the urgent amendments to the Epidemiological Safety Law. The amendments provide that pharmacists working in pharmacies may also vaccinate people against COVID‑19.

The Law provides that the Cabinet of Ministers will set professional competence requirements for pharmacists who would be vaccinating people. The decision of whether to provide vaccination services is up to each pharmacy. According to the explanatory note of the amendments, the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID‑19, the seasonal flu, and tick‑borne encephalitis at pharmacies will lower the risk of overburdening general practitioners.

In addition, the amendments stipulate that a pharmacist who has identified vaccine side effects must immediately report them according to the procedure laid down by the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the explanatory note of the Draft Law, pharmacists could help improve access to credible and evidence‑based information about vaccines and make vaccines more accessible to people.

Previously, the Law provided that only certified medical practitioners may administer vaccines.


Saeima Press Service

Sestdien, 21.maijā