Presentation on adoption of laws in Latvia


The Saeima has added a new item to its collection of informative materials aimed at increasing the accessibility of the parliament and giving everyone a chance to learn about various aspects of work of the Saeima. The Saeima website now offers a presentation about the adoption of laws. The presentation will also be sent to schools, encouraging them to use it as a teaching tool for explaining the work of the parliament.

The presentation makes it easy to follow the legislative process from the submission of a draft law to the proclamation of the relevant law. The presentation is suitable for a broad range of viewers because the text is organised around a diagram and supplemented by photos.

Before any amendments come into force, they are repeatedly considered not only by MPs at a plenary sitting but also by the responsible committee and the Presidium of the Saeima. The presentation describes the tasks related to each stage of the process. In the beginning, the general principles of the draft law are considered, and at the last stage, mostly editorial changes are made.

The committee of the Saeima responsible for the draft law discusses the submitted proposals and invites representatives of the relevant ministries and NGOs. To ensure a high quality of the draft law, linguistic and legal experts are also involved in the process.

The presentation on adoption of laws is another informative material about the work of the Saeima. On the Saeima website, one can find fact sheets, presentations and videos about the Presidium, the architecture of the main building of the Saeima, parliamentary cooperation with NGOs, opportunities for a guided tour, and the Saeima's part in the work of the EU. Online visitors show a keen interest in videos that offer an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in preparing plenary sittings and foreign visits. There are also materials about the Visitor and Information Centre, historical events on Jēkaba iela, as well as other materials.

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Svētdien, 19.maijā