Political responsibility regarding national development strategies highlighted at conference in the Saeima


On Friday, 29 April, the Saeima hosted a conference on the Optimal Mechanism for the Introduction and Monitoring of National Development Strategies. Its participants pointed out that national development strategies have to receive broad political support already at the drafting stage because so far lack of political responsibility has been the weakest link in implementing the plans.

“Various opinions and recommendations were expressed today, and we have obtained valuable input. The goal of this conference was to contribute to making our national strategic development plans feasible and to outline possible ways for achieving that. Therefore, next week the Development Planning Subcommittee will begin examining recommendations and proposals,” said Māris Kučinskis, Chairman of the Development Planning Subcommittee of the Public Administration and Local Government Committee, at the conclusion of the conference.

Participants of the conference voted online on recommendations and proposals submitted and reviewed in advance and expressed an opinion that it is also essential to set feasible goals and implement them in practice, as well as to monitor and supervise the execution of strategies. The link between development plans and financing was also highlighted.

Other items on the agenda included the current situation in national development planning, as well as a discussion and exchange of opinions on the most suitable mechanism for Latvia in terms of drafting, implementing, monitoring and supervising development plans and strategies.

The conference was held by the Development Planning Subcommittee of the Public Administration and Local Government Committee of the Saeima in cooperation with the Commission of Strategic Analysis working under the auspices of the President of Latvia, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. The conference convened MPs, representatives of relevant spheres and NGOs, entrepreneurs, as well as experts involved in drafting plans and strategies.

Material used during the conference will be available next week on the Saeima website at www.saeima.lv and on the idea platform of the Commission of Strategic Analysis at www.saki.lv.

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