Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (PA‑UfM) is a consulting interparliamentary organisation established with the goal of strengthening the parliamentary dimension of European and Mediterranean region and fostering dialogue and mutual understanding between different cultures, nations, and civilisations.

The PA‑UfM was established in 2004. Its objective is to ensure peace, security, and stability in the region, implement the necessary political, social, and economic reforms, combat terrorism, fundamentalism, and organised crime, implement migration and integration policies.

There are three MPs in the Latvian delegation to the PA‑UfM.

The PA‑UfM has five Standing Committees:

  • Political Affairs, Security and Human Rights Committee;
  • Improving Quality of Life, Exchanges Between Civil Societies and Culture Committee;
  • Economic and Financial Affairs, Social Affairs and Education Committee;
  • Energy, Environment and Water Committee;
  • Women’s Rights in Euro-Mediterranean Countries Committee.

The security of European countries, including Latvia, is closely related to the security and stability of the Mediterranean. Members of the PA‑UfM cooperate to:

  • de‑escalate the Israeli‑Palestinian conflict;
  • raise awareness about climate change and the consequences of inefficient economic activities;
  • call attention to environmental issues and encourage the use of renewable energy in the region;
  • address migration policy issues;
  • assess the impact of modern technology on societal development.

During the PA‑UfM sessions, MPs draft and adopt resolutions on topical peace and security issues and new policies related to regional stability within the competence of the PA‑UfM.

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