Young artists sketch proceedings of plenary sitting and draw portraits of MPs


In order to continue the tradition of the Saeima to take part in cooperation projects with art schools, this year aspiring artists will again be given a chance to sketch the proceedings of a plenary sitting of the Saeima and draw portraits of MPs.

In 2012, students from the Department of Graphic Art of the Art Academy of Latvia are involved in this project. Today, 19 January, three young artists sketched the proceedings of the plenary sitting.

The cooperation project gives prospective artists a chance to develop their talents and at the same time to gain insight into the work of the Saeima. As for MPs, they get a chance to see themselves through the young artists’ eyes. MPs observed the artists at work with interest.

The students used A3 sheets of paper and pencils or felt-tipped pens to draw portraits of MPs and various scenes. The young artists worked in the Plenary Chamber in the seats designated for members of the government.

At the end of the project, the drawings will be displayed in the main building of the Saeima.

In 2011 a similar art project was conducted in collaboration with students from the Janis Rozentāls Art High School; their drawings created a unique story – exhibition about the work of the parliament. Previously art students have created works depicting the representation rooms of the Saeima and the decorative details of the interior during national celebrations.

Photos from the 19 January plenary sitting:
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Saeima Press Service

Svētdien, 19.maijā