So far the 11th Saeima has adopted 53 laws


Since convening for its first plenary sitting on 17 October, 11th Saeima has adopted 53 laws, including 5 new laws and amendments to 48 laws.

During its autumn session, the Saeima convened for 18 plenary sittings, including 7 extraordinary sittings and 1 ceremonial sitting on 18 November.

During this period, 109 draft laws were forwarded to relevant committees for review; 102 of these draft laws were submitted to the Saeima by the Cabinet of Ministers, 6 by MPs, and 1 by a committee of the Saeima. The 11th Saeima decided to continue working on 55 draft laws whose reviewing was begun by the previous convocation of the Saeima.

During the autumn session, Andrejs Elksniņš (Concord Centre) was the most active participant in debates – he took the floor 16 times. Sergejs Dolgopolovs (Concord Centre) and Iveta Grigule (Union of Greens and Farmers) took the floor on 13 occasions. Boriss Cilevičs (Concord Centre) addressed the Saeima from the rostrum on 11 occasions. Igors Pimenovs (Concord Centre) spoke on 10 occasions. Ivars Zariņš (Concord Centre) spoke on 9 occasions. Ilma Čepāne (Unity), Dzintars Rasnačs (All for Latvia and For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK), Kārlis Seržants (Union of Greens and Farmers) and Einārs Cilinskis (All for Latvia and For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK) participated in debates on 8 occasions.

The Saeima ended its autumn session on 23 December, and it will begin its winter session on 9 January 2012. Committees will have to continue preparing 109 draft laws for review by the Saeima.


Saeima Press Service

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