The Saeima votes against the proposed amendments to the Constitution on granting the Russian language official language status


On Thursday, 22 December, during its extraordinary sitting, the Saeima did not forward to its committees the Draft Law on the Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia which envisages granting the Russian language the status of an official language of the Republic of Latvia.

During the extraordinary sitting, none of the MPs supported further review of the Draft Law:  60 MPs voted against the Draft Law, and one MP abstained.

The Draft Law was submitted to the Saeima by Andris Bērziņš, President of Latvia, pursuant to Article 78 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia and Paragraph 1 of Article 25 of the Law on National Referenda and Initiation of Legislation. Amendments to the Constitution were initiated by 187,378 citizens of the Republic of Latvia who are eligible to vote.


Saeima Press Service

Svētdien, 10.decembrī