Āboltiņa: We will always hold sacred the memory of those who died and suffered during repressions


On Friday, 25 March, Solvita Āboltiņa, Speaker of the Saeima, participated at the wreath laying ceremony at the Monument of Freedom and gave her address to commemorate the victims of the communist genocide.

“25 March is a painful date in the history of our nation; it is the date when a crime was committed against our nation and an attempt was made to destroy our values, traditions, language and culture not only physically but also spiritually. Wounds that were inflicted sixty-two years ago did not heal back then, and they still hurt. We will always hold sacred the memory of those who died and suffered during repressions,” said Āboltiņa.

In her address to the people standing at the Monument of Freedom, the Speaker said: “Today, while standing here - at the base of the symbol of our freedom - I would like to thank all those who endured, survived and believed in a free and independent Latvia, and who, despite hardships, preserved this sacred treasure. Dear fellow Latvians, you are the greatest treasure, strength and hope of our nation! I am convinced that a nation whose past was hard and painful and whose present is also difficult can unite and make Latvia a place where happy and prosperous families live and where our children and grandchildren will come to this Monument and sing our national anthem, “God, bless Latvia!””

On 25 March 1949, more than 40,000 Latvians were deported to Siberia.


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