Training for the NATO PA Riga Session volunteers begins


On Thursday, 22 April, the first training seminar was held in the Saeima for volunteers who have applied to take part in hosting the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s (PA) Riga Session. 

The young people were addressed by Mrs. Vaira Paegle, Head of the Latvian delegation to the NATO PA, who pointed out that hosting the NATO PA 2010 Spring Session in Riga is a great challenge and responsibility for Latvia, and volunteers will be the litmus test for the success of the Session. “With this Session, Latvia can demonstrate its ability to act effectively; we can show our country, art and culture. We can show that we have a bright, capable and strong young generation,” said V. Paegle.

Today, the NATO PA volunteers learned about the essence, history and activities of the NATO PA; they were also introduced to the basics of protocol and etiquette regarding the organisation of international events.

Forty persons, mainly students from Rīga Stradiņš University, who have sufficient language proficiency, excellent communication skills, as well as the desire and commitment to get involved in helping the Session to run smoothly, have applied to work as volunteers at the NATO PA Riga Session. 

Before the start of the NATO PA Session at the end of May, three more training seminars are planned in order to give the volunteers a thorough understanding of the programme of the NATO PA Session, the venue of the Session and of their job responsibilities. 

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