COVID-19 safety requirements 


1. Persons who are in medical isolation or have signs of respiratory infection (e.g., increased temperature, cough) are prohibited to enter the Saeima buildings. 

2. Visitors or employees of the Saeima are not required to present a vaccination or recovery certificate, except in cases where it is decided to organise an event of the Saeima in an epidemiologically safe environment. 

3. The use of face masks in the Saeima is optional, except in cases specified in regulatory enactments, as well as cases when a decision has been taken to organise an event of the Saeima in an epidemiologically safe environment using face masks.

4. It is recommended for visitors and employees of the Saeima to observe physical distancing of two metres, where possible, as well as to follow other distancing measures, whenever appropriate (e.g., as part of measures for organising and controlling the flow of people, controlling group encounters, as well as organising and carrying out remote work).

Ceturtdien, 2.februārī
09:00  Saeimas kārtējā sēde
10:30  Deputātu grupas sadarbības veicināšanai ar Rumānijas parlamentu dibināšanas sanāksme
10:35  Ārlietu komisijas Baltijas lietu apakškomisijas sēde
12:30  Saeimas Eiropas lietu komisijas deputātu tikšanās ar Eiropas Komisijas kohēzijas un reformu komisāri Elisa Ferreira
17:00  Atbilžu sniegšana uz deputātu jautājumiem