4th Youth Parliament 

On 25 April, during the main event of the 4th Youth Parliament, the young people who were particularly active in sectoral committees and who took the initiative in discussions on draft declarations of the Youth Parliament were awarded the title of Future Politician. 

The title of Future Politician was awarded to Dana Dolženko from the University of Latvia; Edgars Korsaks-Mills from Āgenskalns State Gymnasium; Emīls Ripa from Kandava Kārlis Mīlenbahs Secondary School; and Jānis Mārtiņš Bērziņš from Pārgauja Secondary School in Valmiera.

Members of the 4th Youth Parliament worked in two plenary sittings of the Youth Parliament today and adopted four declarations drafted in the sectoral committees – on measures against intoxicating substances, facilitation of youth employment, basic skills in business and development of self-initiative, as well as an individualised approach to students’ needs in education.

All declarations were forwarded to the responsible committees of the Saeima, all parliamentary groups and unaffiliated MPs so that MPs can get acquainted with their contents and consider how to put the ideas on the committee agendas. All members of the Youth Parliament were also invited and encouraged to actively follow implementation of their ideas and declarations by contacting the committees.

Members of the 4th Youth Parliament - 86 young people whose ideas about Latvia’s growth and development received the greatest popular support – gathered at the Saeima today. 

Elections of the 4th Youth Parliament took place from 20 February to 16 March on the Internet via the election platform www.jauniesusaeima.lv. A total of 101 young people were listed as candidates for the Youth Parliament, and 5,563 votes were cast. The young people could submit their ideas on one of five subjects; the most popular one was education and culture.

This was the fourth time that the Youth Parliament was organised by the Saeima. Publicity was provided by the social network Draugiem.lv, Latvian Television and Latvian Radio.


Material from the 4th Youth Parliament 

Video from the 1st plenary sitting

Video from the 2nd plenary sitting

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Video about the 4th Youth Parliament

Photos on preparations before the 4th Youth Parliament

List of members of the 4th Youth Parliament (in Latvian)

Agenda of the 4th Youth Parliament (in Latvian)

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