The work of the Saeima is supervised by its Presidium, which is elected by each new convocation of the Saeima at the beginning of its term of office. The Presidium consists of five MPs: the Speaker, two Deputy Speakers, the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary

The Presidium determines the internal rules and work procedures of the Saeima, gives its opinions regarding documents submitted to it and forwards them as prescribed by the Rules of Procedure of the Saeima, prepares the agenda of plenary sittings and confirms planned business trips. The Presidium also appoints and dismisses heads of the Saeima organisational units and performs other routine tasks.

Presidium meetings normally take place twice a week: on Mondays and Thursdays. They are convened by the Speaker, but in his/her absence by one of the Deputy Speakers. Presidium meetings usually are held in the main building of the Saeima; however, they may be convened at another time and place.

Electing the Presidium

The Presidium is usually elected at the first plenary sitting of the newly elected Saeima. Nominations for the positions in the Presidium are submitted by MPs in writing, and voting on all nominees for each position takes place simultaneously by using ballot papers. The nominee who receives the most votes is elected; however, the number of votes should not be less than the majority of votes of the MPs present.

Presidium members are usually elected from the major parties represented in the Saeima, but the Speaker may belong to a party which has not gained the largest number of seats in the Saeima.

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