January Chronicles

Press Releases Issued by the Supreme Councilof the Republic of Latvia, 1991

Alongside the initial freedom struggle for an independent Latvia, the 1991 barrricades are among the most sacred events in our history, when the Latvian people demonstrated an unwavering desire to establish an independent state of Latvia and restore the independence of the Republic of Latvia.

Alongside defending the restored independence of the state, another important task of the January barricades was to show the world that independence was a steadfast desire and right of the Latvian people; that it was Moscow and the central government of the USSR that was hindering and obstructing democratisation, whilst shooting at their own citizens.

In January 1991 nearly one thousand journalists were accredited by the Press Centre of the Supreme Council of Latvia; 434 foreign journalists applied for accreditation
on 20-21 January. During January alone hundreds of press releases in English were sent out to Western media and embassies. This is the first publication of 129 press releases with translations into Latvian, spanning from January 1991 till 4 May 1991.

Svētdien, 16.jūnijā