Broadcast of the ongoing plenary sitting

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Agenda of the ongoing plenary sitting

Agenda of the ongoing plenary sitting
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Edvards Smiltēns in Bucharest: Together, we must fortify the eastern stronghold of NATO
At the NATO Summit in Madrid, the Allies acknowledged Russia as the most significant and direct threat to the Alliance. Latvia and Romania are among the countries who are most directly affected by this threat. As like-minded countries, we must work together to...
Council of Europe Secretary General visits Saeima
On Friday, 17 March, in preparation of Latvia’s Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE), Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General of the CoE, visited the Saeima and met with Edvards Smiltēns, Speaker of the Saeima, and the...
Edvards Smiltēns: We must shape our foreign policy environment in a targeted way, expanding the area of a united, free, and secure Europe
To prevent the foreign policy agenda and decisions of others from overtaking our everyday life, we—both Latvia at the national level and the European Union—must be active in shaping the foreign policy environment where we will live, underlined Edvards...
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Ceturtdien, 23.martā
09:00  Saeimas 2023.gada 23.marta kārtējā sēde
12:30  Aizsardzības, iekšlietu un korupcijas novēršanas komisijas sēde
12:30  Nacionālās drošības komisijas sēde
17:00  2023.gada 23.marta atbilžu sniegšana uz deputātu jautājumiem