Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, on 4 May: Latvian strength of spirit will not let the sun in our coat of arms ever set


On Thursday, 4 May, at the ceremonial sitting of the Saeima in honour of the 27th anniversary of the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia, Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, said: “Throughout centuries Latvians have demonstrated their ability to take charge of their destiny at the decisive turns of events. It is our determination that will allow Latvia to exist forever and not let the sun in our coat of arms ever set”.

“27 years ago we were able to restore the principles and values upon which Latvia was founded on 18 November 1918. Twice within one century the Latvian nation demonstrated its desire for its own state and its ability to take responsibility for the state that is the Republic of Latvia”, Speaker Mūrniece noted. She continued saying that What unites and mobilises our nation, what allows us to maintain our ethnic identity throughout centuries is everything that can never be taken away from a human being - love for one’s fatherland, the lifelong way home, ancestral legacy, and a sense of belonging.

The Speaker of the Saeima stated: “We can be proud of having managed to implement immense economic reforms, making the journey to an open economy integrated within the economic area of the European Union. However, we have experienced our share of crises and mistakes along this journey, for which we continue to pay the price. Therefore, inspiring people with the feeling of security for their future is the greatest challenge that still requires much effort”. Speaker Mūrniece urged politicians “to work in a way that lets people trust their decisions and feel that they have been made in the interests of the public. This is the time for the government to show the public that there will indeed be a breakthrough, that we know how to achieve it, and that everyone will benefit from the process”.

In her address, Speaker Mūrniece noted with appreciation that “this year has begun well for the national economy, also in industries with a high added value. This is the right direction for Latvia – smart technologies, small but valuable companies able to export their products. Experience shows that products created in Latvia are innovative, competitive and excellent”. She went on to stress: “Everything that is good in Latvia, we have created ourselves. We must recognize, nurture and proudly display our abilities”.

The Speaker of the Saeima noted: “The world is changing as we speak. We are facing the challenges of the 21st century, including Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea, the Brexit and the Kremlin’s blatant attempts to weaken the unity of Europe and interfere with elections in Western democracies, mass migration in Europe, unconventional security threats, unconventional policy-making approaches, and a new political perception”. Mūrniece emphasised: “It is essential for us to comprehend and also learn to manage these developments, and we must be certain about how to defend Latvia in the second centenary of its statehood”.”

In this context, the Speaker of the Saeima stressed: “Latvia has only one message: in the event of either military or non-military offence Latvia will fight back and will not surrender”. Speaker Mūrniece expressed appreciation for the fact that nearly half of Latvia’s population has expressed readiness to form an armed defence line against potential intruders and that our NATO allies have pledged the same.

Concluding her address, Speaker Mūrniece said: “We ourselves created the state of Latvia, restored its independence and will make it live for eternity”.

Saeima Press Service

Svētdien, 21.jūlijā