Speaker of the Saeima: Montenegro’s accession to NATO confirms the alliance’s commitment to its “open-door policy”


On Thursday, 6 October, Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, welcomed Darko Pajovic, President of the Parliament of Montenegro, to the parliament of Latvia. Speaker Mūrniece praised Montenegro’s progress in its NATO accession efforts and expressed support to the country’s EU integration aspirations.

Earlier in the day, the Saeima in the final reading adopted the draft law “On the Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on the Accession of Montenegro”. Speaker Mūrniece pointed out that the accession of Montenegro to NATO is important not only for the country itself, but the alliance as a whole. Such a step sends a strong message to other countries that NATO remains committed to its “open door policy”.

The President of the Parliament of Montenegro thanked the Latvian parliament and government for the support to Montenegro’s accession to NATO and integration in the EU; he reiterated the importance of these two priorities on the country’s agenda.

Both speakers recognised the need to build closer parliamentary cooperation, which is why today a group for interparliamentary relations with Montenegro was established at the Saeima. The group will be chaired by Inese Lībiņa-Egnere, Deputy Speaker of the Saeima. MP Nellija Klenberga has been appointed the Deputy Chair of the group.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro invited the Speaker of the Saeima to pay an official visit to Montenegro.

The meeting with the President of the Parliament of Montenegro was also attended by Inese Lībiņa-Egnere, Deputy Speaker of the Saeima; Lolita Čigāne, Chairperson of the European Affairs Committee; Rihards Kols, Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee; and MP Nellija Kleinberga.

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