Saeima supports regulatory framework for imposing national sanctions


On Thursday, 29 October, the Saeima conceptually supported the draft Law on International and National Sanctions in the first reading. The draft law will enable Latvia to impose national sanctions to ensure peace, prevent international crime or violations of human rights outside the territory of Latvia, to prevent negative impact on Latvia’s foreign policy interests or national security, as well as to combat international terrorism or prevent manufacturing, storage, trafficking, use and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. 

The authors of the draft law from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have noted in the summary of the draft law that the proposed provisions are required to ensure peace, security and rule of law in line with Latvia’s international commitments and national interests by means of implementing international sanctions or imposing national sanctions. 

The draft law proposes that Latvia will be able to impose financial, civil and travel restrictions, including restrictions on acquiring residence permit or crossing Latvia’s territory in transit, as well as restrictions on handling of strategic goods and other commodities, and restrictions on tourism services. 

According to the draft law the national sanctions will be imposed by the Cabinet of Ministers on its own initiative, or based on recommendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the National Security Council. The national sanctions will have to be imposed in compliance with Latvia’s international commitments stemming from Latvia’s membership in international organisations.

Furthermore, the draft law proposes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, based on recommendation from a competent institution or a request from an entity subject to sanctions, will be authorised to request international organisations to lift international sanctions insofar such sanctions apply to an entity which is a natural or legal person within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia. 

The draft law is closely linked to the amendments to the Law on the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia, the Criminal Law, the Land Register Law, the Law on Bailiffs, and the Civil Procedure Law, that have been approved by the

Legal Affairs Committee of the Saeima in the first reading.


Saeima Press Service

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