Christmas greetings from Solvita Āboltiņa, Speaker of the Saeima


As Christmas approaches, a busy and eventful year is coming to an end. Hence we cherish this warm family holiday for bringing peace into our bustling everyday lives, making us forget our worries and calling on us to have faith, love and hope.

Christmas is a time for us to appreciate the priceless joy and support that being with our loved ones brings to our everyday lives. Just as the foundation of a happy and harmonious family lies in mutual trust, support and in happiness for one’s children and parents, for their achievements and plans, so does the foundation of a strong country lie in the pride and pleasure its people feel for it. That is why during this holiday season, I encourage all of us to feel happiness and pride for our land, people and state, for our shared values which must be protected and honoured – our language and culture, our historical heritage and achievements. I ask all of you to be aware each day that we in Latvia have reasons to feel happy and proud.

At Christmas – when darkness succumbs to the light once again and the Christian world celebrates the miracle of Christ’s birth – I invite everyone to spread joy, find peace and fulfilment in the people and things that truly matter to us.

We can change the world only by changing ourselves; therefore, during this holiday season let us resolve to be kinder and better in our thoughts and in our deeds. The pride and happiness that we feel daily within ourselves will determine the pride and happiness of Latvia as a whole.

I wish you a merry and bright Christmas full of faith and hope!

Svētdien, 10.decembrī