Title of Future Politician of the 9th Youth Parliament Awarded 

On Friday, 27 April, concluding the 9th Youth Parliament, young people who were particularly active in sectoral committees and in discussions on draft declarations of the Youth Parliament were awarded the title of Future Politician.

The title of Future Politician was awarded to Dmitrijs Baburgs, Eduards Liepiņš, Rodijs Ronis and Ričards Edijs Štibe. 

This year, the Youth Parliament’s main theme was “Youth. Latvia. European Union.” This was in reference to the upcoming European Parliament elections, the results of which will have an impact on all the EU residents. The 9th Youth Parliament adopted four declarations drafted its sectoral committees on the role of youth in shaping the future of the EU, education opportunities, young people as a part of society, and strengthening and developing the values of the EU.

The Youth Parliament session was chaired by Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima and a Youth Presidium consisting of the members who received the most votes in the elections for the Youth Parliament: Linda Briede, Eva Ķeruže, Kirils Ķirsis and Anna Katrīne Sandlere.

The committee meetings for the respective sectors were chaired by Rihards Kols, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee; Artuss Kaimiņš, Chair of the Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee;  Vita Anda Tērauda, Chair of the European Affairs Committee; and Evija Papule, Secretary of the Education, Culture and Science Committee.

The young parliamentarians each swore an oath and set up sectoral committees to complete the final versions of four draft declarations. In the second plenary sitting, the draft declarations were deliberated and adopted.

Members of the Youth Parliament are elected on the project’s website www.jauniesusaeima.lv, and on 26 April 94 out of the 100 elected members gathered in the 9th Youth Parliament. 

All candidates were required to submit an idea to be promoted during the pre-election period, and proposals for draft declarations. The Youth Parliament functions much like the real Parliament, namely, members are required to draft legislative proposals in committees and then adopt them in plenary sittings. Members also participated in debates from the rostrum of the Parliament, arguing in support of their ideas to be included in the declarations.

The Youth Parliament was organised by the Saeima. Publicity was provided by the social network Draugiem.lv, Latvian Television, and Latvian Radio. Youth Parliament on social media: TwitterDraugiem.lvFacebookYouTube and Flickr.

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