Committee formation

The Saeima determines the principles for establishing committees and their composition. The committees are formed at the beginning of each new convocation of the Saeima, but their composition may be changed later. The composition of the committees should be a proportionate reflection of the parliamentary groups represented in the Saeima.

An exception is made for the Mandate, Ethics and Submissions Committee, which consists of two members elected from each parliamentary group, and the National Security Committee, which has one representative from each parliamentary group.

Each committee elects from its members a chairperson and a secretary, and, if necessary, a deputy chairperson.

A committee may form subcommittees. In contrast with the committees, it is not necessary for the Saeima to vote on establishing a subcommittee or electing its members. A subcommittee can consist of MPs who do not belong to the relevant standing committee. A subcommittee submits its proposals and decisions to the relevant standing committee. The work of a subcommittee is led by its chairperson and secretary elected from its members.

A Member of the Saeima may only work in two standing committees and three subcommittees at once and may only chair one standing committee.

Sestdien, 13.jūlijā