One-off support payment to overcome the COVID-19 crisis will also be paid to persons with alternative status


On Thursday, 16 December, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Law on the Suppression of Consequences of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection, which provide for one-off support payment to persons with alternative status as well.

Families with alternative status will be eligible to receive the support of EUR 500 per child. In turn, support in the amount of EUR 200 will be paid to persons with alternative status and disabilities, or who have reached the age required for granting old-age pension in accordance with the Latvian law, or who, based on a doctor’s opinion, require special care.

Persons whose alternative status was granted between 1 March and 7 April 2021, will be eligible for the support.

The one-off support will be paid by the State Social Insurance Agency on the basis of an application by the relevant person, parent, guardian, foster family or child care institution. The support will be paid within one month of receipt of the application.

According to the explanatory note to the amendments, 187 persons will be eligible for the one-off support, based on the data of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

The distribution of the support will start in 2022. This will require a sum of EUR 92 000 to be allocated from contingency funds.

The amendments will enter into force on the day following their proclamation.


Saeima Press Service

Sestdien, 21.maijā