Weekly schedule

The work of the Saeima is divided into sessions. In the course of one year, there are three regular sessions of the Saeima – autumn, winter and spring sessions. Extraordinary sessions may be convened at any time during the recess between regular sessions.

Regular sittings of the Saeima are usually held once a week on Thursdays. Committee meetings are usually held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Weekly schedule (PDF)

Ceturtdien, 24.septembrī
09:00  Saeimas 2020. gada 17. septembra ārkārtas sēdes turpinājums
11:20  Budžeta un finanšu (nodokļu) komisijas sēde
11:45  Saeimas 2020.gada 24.septembra ārkārtas sēde
13:00  Saeimas Prezidija sēde
17:00  Atbilžu sniegšana uz deputātu jautājumiem
 Saeimas Prezidija un Frakciju padomes sēde
 Saeimas 2020.gada 24.septembra otrā ārkārtas sēde