Call for 7th Youth Parliament candidates

For the seventh year in a row, the Saeima calls on youths to participate in the Youth Parliament project, to be held on 21 April 2017.

“Today’s policies must reflect our future aspirations; therefore the Saeima is attentive to the opinions of youths and encourages them to voice issues of their concern. This project enables youths to express and defend their ideas, to learn about the legislative procedure, as well as get to know the daily work of MPs,” said Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, in her address. “This is going to be a really exciting day, since you will have an opportunity to debate a variety of topics in Committees, as well as voice your opinion from the rostrum of the Plenary Chamber.”

To compete for a seat in the 7th Youth Parliament, youths aged 15-20 are invited to submit their ideas for the virtual election on the project’s website from 27 February till 26 March this year.

Youths are invited to use their or accounts to register for the election or cast their votes for the submitted ideas. Votes are accepted until April 2, without age restrictions.

Members of the Youth Parliament are elected in an open ballot; each region of Latvia is represented proportionally to its population. Each candidate enters the competition individually, and their idea serves as a political manifesto.

The main theme of this year’s Youth Parliament is education; therefore, candidates are expected to submit their ideas on improving formal and informal education, covering  one of the following four themes: quality of education, accessibility of tertiary education, patriotism and loyalty, online security. Furthermore, youths may submit their proposals for one of the four draft declarations to be debated in the Plenary Chamber.

The 100 elected members of the Youth Parliament will be invited to the Saeima on 21 April in order to hold a Plenary Sitting, where they will have an opportunity to step into the shoes of MPs and address topical issues from the rostrum of the Saeima. The Youth Parliament closely follows the legislative procedures of the Saeima, including drafting laws, debating them in Committees and finally discussing them in a Plenary Sitting.

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The Youth Parliament is organised by the Saeima, with publicity support from the social network, Latvian Television and Latvian Radio.

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