Guided tours

Anyone who is interested may visit the main building of the Saeima in order to learn more about the everyday work of the parliament, to see the unique architecture of the main building of the Saeima and to learn about its history.

In order to visit the main building of the Saeima, one should sign up at least one week in advance by calling +371 67087485, +37167087483 or by sending an e-mail to

The time of the visit will be confirmed. 

Tours of the main building of the Saeima take place on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:30. On Thursdays, beginning from 9:30 AM, participants of the guided tour are welcome to observe the plenary sitting. The main building of the Saeima can be visited by interested persons either individually or in groups. The number of people in a group should not exceed 30 on Monday through Thursday, and 50 on Friday. Access to the building is free.

Group tours
At least two days before the tour, the name, surname, and ID number of each member of the group, as well as the name of the group leader, must be submitted to the Protocol Division of the Saeima Administration. The data can be sent by fax to +371 67087380 or by e-mail to

Individual tours
At least two days before the tour, the name, surname, and ID number of the visitor should be submitted to the Protocol Division. The data can be sent by fax at +371 67087380 or via e-mail at
Individual visitors are included in a signed-up group tour.

Security and order
When visiting the main building of the Saeima, a person must present a personal identification document (passport or electronic ID card) to a security officer, and the person is subject to a security check. It is prohibited to bring in firearms, explosives, flammable substances, or sharp objects. During the tour, visitors should conduct themselves properly; they should not talk by mobile phones or eat except in places designated for these purposes. Tour participants must follow the instructions of security officers and staff members of the Protocol Division. The visitors must be appropriately dressed; visitors wearing shorts, sports outfits and beach wear are not admitted. Visitors are allowed to take photographs and videos as long as they follow the instructions of the tour guide.

Organisation of tours
The tours are usually guided by a staff member of the Protocol Division. Guided tours are held in Latvian. Upon prior notice, guided tours in English or Russian can be arranged. Upon prior agreement, the tour may be guided by a member of parliament or another Saeima staff member. During the tour, the visitors have an opportunity to view the room where gifts to the Saeima are on display, as well as the Red Room, the Yellow Room, the Voting Room and the Plenary Chamber, where members of parliament convene for plenary sittings. On Thursdays, when plenary sittings are held, guided tours start from 9:30 AM, the visitors have an opportunity to sit in the visitors’ gallery of the Plenary Chamber and observe the MPs at work.

Visitors who want more than the officially guided tour (for example, go to the library or the cafeteria) must inform the Protocol Division upon signing up for the tour.

Ceturdien, 19.oktobrī
09:00  Saeimas kārtējā sēde
10:00  Brīvības pieminekļa svinīgā atklāšana pēc restaurācijas
17:00  Atbilžu sniegšana uz deputātu jautājumiem
 Budžeta un finanšu (nodokļu) komisijas sēde
 Aizsardzības, iekšlietu un korupcijas novēršanas komisijas sēde