Speaker of the Saeima: instead of reflecting the world, journalism drives it


“The mission of a journalist is to drive the world, rather than merely reflect. I wish all media in Latvia, and public media in particular, to always have a clear vision of the direction in which you move the world and our country - Latvia,” said   Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, in her opening address at the discussion “Constructive news – responsibility of public media” held at the Saeima today. The concept of constructive news was presented by Ulrik Haagerup, Head of News for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. 

Speaker Mūrniece underlined that today’s discussion pertains not only to the importance of constructive journalism but also the quality and security of the information space, as well as the responsibility of mass media, especially public media. 

Mūrniece noted that today’s technological advances ensure instant exchange of information, and traditional journalism now coexists with the so-called social journalism that thrives on social networks and various online news portals. “Unfortunately, cross-border media from Russia have gained a disproportionate influence in the territory of Latvia, spreading misleading information that harms Latvia’s interests. How can we counter this propaganda? First and foremost, by providing professional and constructive information that reflects our national interests,” said Mūrniece.

She praised the concept of constructive journalism and its underlying idea of developing media which benefit the society, and empower and inspire the audience instead of spreading negativity and hopelessness.  

The Speaker extended gratitude to the Ministry of Culture for the initiative to hold the discussion, as well as to the Danish Cultural Institute, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Latvia, and H.E. Hans Brask, Ambassador of Denmark, for their support in organising the event. 


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