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In order to send a question to the Saeima, fill in the form below. An asterisk (*) indicates the fields that must be filled in.

The submission should contain submitter’s name, surname, e-mail address and postal address. The person filing the submission is responsible for its content. If the submission lacks the contact name, surname, e-mail and postal address, it may be left without consideration. A submission may also be left without consideration if, for example, its content is insulting or unclear or if the same recipient has already received an answer to a similar submission.

In accordance with Section 2.4 of the Law on Submissions, provisions of the said Law do not apply to consideration of electronic submissions that have not been e-signed according to the procedure set by regulatory documents. Such submissions are considered in accordance with the procedure set by the director of the institution and in accordance with principles of good governance. If no answer is provided or if it is incomplete, the person may address the same institution again or a higher-level institution, but he/she may not take the matter to court.

In accordance with Section 10.4 of the Official Language Law, the Saeima may accept and examine documents from foreign countries without a translation into the official language of Latvia. If a submission sent from a foreign country is not written in the Latvian language, then the recommended languages are English, Russian, German or French. For practical reasons, the reply may also be written in a language other than the one used in the document submitted to the Saeima.

** The Saeima accepts securely e-signed documents. In order to receive a return receipt, indicate your e-mail address.

The Saeima does not provide legal counselling or social assistance; neither does it examine complaints concerning decisions taken by public administration and law enforcement officials. The Saeima does not solve specific problems of individuals.

NB! .doc, .pdf, .xls files can be attached and their total size should not exceed 1 MB